Krista and Ed , Partners in Love and in Business
Edward Langer - CEO & Co Founder.

Ed started selling when he was 8 years old. He has personally sold well over 25 million dollars in sales and has managed over 30 MILLION 👌🏻 In advertising dollars in the last decade✅..

He has worked on Marketing and advertising strategies for award winning and global companies such as Shell, Infiniti, Finning Cat, SMS equipment , Tip Top Tux, All Weather Windows, Volkswagen, Denny’s, to name a few . As well as does work for non profits such as JCI, the Edmonton food bank and Habitat for Humanity.

He became an active partner in a small advertising agency in 2009 that he 10Xd in the first 4 years, this gave the agency unprecedented growth and the opportunity to move the company from a rented 2 person office to a 12 person agency purchasing a 6500sq foot commercial building to facilitate their services.

Edward Langer has been offering communication services to the public for over 12 years.

His early career was spent travelling the US and Canada in the men’s dress garment industry for 6 years for notable brands such as Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis and Ecko unlimited.
Krista Mcewan - CEO & Co Founder.

Krista built her online boutique from home using her cell phone and facebook to start.

She has packed and shipped over 10,000 items across North America from her boutique that she runs out of her home.

She has been nominated for top 40 under 40 and has been quoted in her Citys Business section numerous times.

She has mastered organic reach using Facebook and has spent the majority of 2017 learning from the best Social Media Strategists in the world and online marketers.

Investing Thousands of dollars perfecting her craft. During her studying she quickly fell in love with the strategy for online marketing  and wants to help other businesses achieve success online.

Do not underestimate this stay at home mom.

She has a wealth of knowledge and a connection globally to the best of the best in all industries online. 

Back ground is in the utility industry, working for an IT company in a corporate environment for 15 years.
“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” — George Bernard Shaw
Krista started her personal development path in 2016, and started investing in courses, coaches and masterminds from people in the online marketing space. 
Fast forward to 2018, Krista and Ed decided that instead of going in 2 different directions for the same purpose (providing for their family) Why wouldn't they go all In Together, and bring their years of experience together to help other entrepreneurs just like them, to grow their business. 

New Website coming soon!!!

Of You Can Podcast

I am on a path of self discovery, growth and impact. I've felt called to start this page for a while and have been holding back in fear of being vulnerable with perfect strangers.

But something deep inside of me pushed me harder to start it and told me , this is what other women just like me need.

A place for inspiration, laughs, real talk, mother hood, entrepreneurship, marriage and all the good the bad and the ugly stuff about adulting.

One of my super powers has always been to bring humour to any situation no matter how bad it is, and be able to communicate things to people in few words or expressed through pictures.

Let this be the place I hope to inspire you, encourage you, and grow with you.

My biggest focus this year is PERMISSION.

Let's help each other go after our dreams in 2020

Welcome to my/our page:) Follow me on Facebook at Dear Krista

Krista xoxo

In 2017, Ed joined Krista and started on his own personal development journey, and they both sold their companies to start over together officially in August 2018, with K & E Marketing and Consulting. Offering marketing, sales strategies and consulting to clients.  

Krista and Ed joined The Two Comma Club X coaching with Russell Brunson in 2018 , and have had many opportunities since then to connect with industry leaders, leading digital marketers across the globe. 

They launched the Krista and Ed Show to start helping others and teaching them how they can start their personal development journey to success the same way we did.

Early 2019, the opportunity to be a part of the biggest internet launch with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson became a reality. Krista was one of the first in the program and was a part of the back end and saw first hand the strategy used to execute before it went live ( priceless)

In August 2019, Krista and Ed have been invited to a private party and will be attending an award ceremony with other top promoters in the industry.

They Knowledge Business Blueprint is a program Dean and Tony Created that is shaking things up in the knowledge business.

Find out more about KBB Below!
Meet Krista Mcewan-Langer, the CEO  Funnel Bomb System
Krista and Ed both have a passion for marketing, sales and lead generation. Edward started his online career back in 1993 when he opened his first computer training centre, Microtrain Computing Education.

A huge key to his success was having mentors who were earning multiple 7 figures in business and following in their foot steps.

Edward has spent the last 20+ years mastering marketing and B2B / B2C sales. Eight years ago he has developed a passion for digital marketing, and provides these services for many of our clients today. When he sold his traditional advertising agency,  Krista and Ed grandfathered the digital clients to K + E Marketing and Consulting.
Ed has been helping businesses grow and succeed for more than 25 years. 
He has worked in many niches from the fashion industry, to print media, to an SEO agency to acquiring a full service advertising agency focused in auto, retail, industrial and construction. Below are some of the award winning companies Ed has worked with for their marketing and advertising needs.
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