We are screwing the Relationship thing and moving into a full partnership. In life and in Business. They both take COMMITMENT, DEDICATION and A LOT of HARD WORK. We are on a mission to help entrepreneurs take back their lives in business and in love. This is our Journey.

Why have we decided to sell both of our bussiness, get out of business partnerships and go all in together as a husband and wife team?
Well that is a Great question, and we get asked this question ALOT!   The short answer is that we've been building businesses, audiences, marketing, media buying  and doing online marketing for clients, partnerships and for our own companies for over 15 years combined.   We've worked with some of the biggest companies and build relationships with some of the  biggest marketers, authors, experts, speakers, coaches online since then and are continually working with the absolute best of the best to bring their products and services to market with the use of intelligent funnels that are focused on conversion.

Also, we love love love marketing, advertising, Strategy and everything that goes into producing results both online ad offline in business. 

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