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Information on 1:1 Consulting & Speaking Engagements
If you are intersted in consulting or speaking with Krista and Ed their fees are listed below
  •  Lunch: (Pick their Brain) Starts at $1500/hour
  •  1:1 Coaching or Consulting Starts at $2000/hour
  •  Speaking Engagements: contact
  •  Building a Funnel: $25,0000 and 10% of gross sales of the funnel (lifetime of the funnel)
Full Service Agency
ONLY Our ELITE Members Have Access To Use Our Team
 Our Team Will Personally Work On Your Business like it is our own, if You Are a member of Krista and Ed's Elite Circle. We Only Work With the Best, SO We Know That You Will Only Get The Best!

ELITE Inner Circle 
For entrepreneurs looking to scale
Krista and Ed's most Elite Mastermind Program.  Friends and clients in their Elite Circle- are 6 , 7 and 8 Figure entrepreneurs . You will have Direct 1:1 access to Krista and Ed, with 2 mastermind events per year. This is by application plus referral only. This program includes group support, live masterminds, and the best training programs Krista and Ed Can offer.

Marketing and Sales is our core niche and we are committed to helping entrepreneurs get their products and services out to the world in a faster, smarter and collaborative way. 

We understand entrepreneurship can be lonely. That is why we have created our ELITE Mastermind that will be filled with hand selected business owners across the globe to be a part of a community like no other. We will all grow our Business together. 

We will act as your CMO (chief marketing officers) for a 12 month period. Here is what you will get:
- 2 hour 1:1 Strategy Session where we will take a deep dive into your business and come up with a marketing and strategy plan for your business for the next 12 months. 
- 2 masterminds a year at a Mansion somewhere in the world with Guest Speakers ( accommodations, food, event included ( you just have to get yourself there) $40,000 - Value
- Voxer access to us at anytime. We are here to support you with whatever needs you have. Whether it be to bounce ideas, looking for guidance, if you are stuck and need some clarity, whatever it may be. You will have access to us directly. $- Priceless ( we charge $1500/hour to go for lunch and pick our brain)
- Weekly Group Coaching Calls. We will bring in experts from our network to talk about, facebook ads, social media, copywriting, sales, marketing, youtube, story telling, email marketing, mindset. We will have hot seats and so much more. $ $104,000 - Value ($2000 and hour for 1:1 Coaching)
-Exclusive Facebook group for members only. 

We are also here to advise on the best infrastructure, strategy and processes plus we have a team who can implement it all and get it executed for you so you don't have to worry about it. We only work with the best, so you will also have access to the best if you decide to hire out team!
The Krista and Ed Show
Book an Interview with Krista and Ed
If you are interested in having Krista and Ed on your Podcast or would like to be a guest on their show below is how you can get in touch
  •  Book them for an interview: email 
  •  Do you want to be a guest on the Show? Send an email to admin@kristaandedcom. 
  •  Have someone you would like us to inteview? Send an email to..... 
We Have a Full Service Agency That Manages Our Business. Our Team Will Personally Work On Your Business like it is our own,  if You Are a Client of Ours. We Only Work With the Best, SO We Know That You Will Only Get The Best!
Full Funnel Website Development
Do you need lead captures pages? Sales pages? Order forms? Upsell pages and downsell pages? How about a membership site and everything that comes with your offer to be sold online? We can help. 

In fact, we specialize in architecting and developing what is called a "Perfect Funnel System" which is the system for capturing leads, converting sales and creating raving fans for your business.

Get a quote to discover how we can be of service:
Lead Capture Pages (Optin Pages)
We create unique and high converting lead capture pages so that you can convert leads into buyers more effortlessly.

You can choose amongst over 25 different lead capture page styles and we can even build you a custom lead capture page that is designed specifically with your brand in mind.

Get a quote to learn how we can assist you in the development or strategy of your lead capture pages.
Sales Pages That Convert
Let us design and create high converting sales pages and order forms with time-tested & proven conversion elements with direct response copywriting integrated into your pages.

We also create multiple versions so you can split test your checkout pages to see which one is converting higher.

Get a Quote today!
Membership Sites
Do you need a membership site for your content?  We can build a membership site so you can protect your most valuable content while at the same time providing a great user experience for your customers.

We have over 5 different membership frameworks/layouts that you can choose from.  The one of the left here on the page is just one of the layouts that we love.

Get a quote for us to build out your membership site today.
Webinar Funnels
Do you want to launch a successful webinar funnel?  Look no further!  We specialize in webinar funnels and have been building them for clients since 2010 where we launched one that produced over $150,000 in just under 90 days.

You can see a webinar funnel to the right that's converting over 40% conversion rate to opt in from cold traffic, meaning people that don't know this guy in the webinar funnel itself.

We love love love building webinar funnels.  It's our sweet spot when it comes to building things that convert online!

Get a Quote today to see how we can build out your webinar:
Affiliate Funnels
Would you like the ability to have affiliates (people who send you referrals and sales)?

We can build you an affiliate login and affiliate members area so your customers can become affiliates and share your products or services online and get paid for promoting what you offer.

Get a quote for us to build out your affiliate portal today.
Need A Custom Funnel?
Would you like a custom marketing funnel that you have in mind, but you'd like us to build it for you?

We're more than happy to build anything you can dream up. In fact, we're standing by ready to build the website funnel of your dreams... so bring it on!

Many of our clients have custom funnels.

Get a Quote today:
Need Help With Traffic & Conversion?
Ok, is your funnel is ready to get visitors?

The next thing you need is traffic right?  Do you know where to find visitors?  Did you know there's millions of people out there who have no idea what you do or what you offer?

What if we could show you how you can tap into those millions of people and put your website in front of them?

Traffic & Conversion are one of specialties outside of building and architecting intelligent funnels for your business.

Get a quote for us to help get traffic and increase conversion to your new website sales funnel today:
3 Simple Steps To Get Started...
From quote to launch, the process can take as little as 1 week. Work with us to get results!
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