Are You Getting Paid For The Knowledge You Already Have?


We have invested over 6 figures into self education and hired mentors, gone to masterminds and hired coaches for mindset, Social Media, health and business and taken many courses online. Investing thousands of hours to get us to where we are today.

I, Krista left the co operate world in 2014 after 14 years, and started a very successful online boutique that reached 6 figures within the first year. While at home with my young children, using my Cell phone and Fb (organically.i might ad) 

The first two years was all trial and error. I knew nothing about business, nothing about sourcing, nothing about social media. But I had a vision and the ability to become resource full. 

It was not until I started investing in mentors, coaches and masterminds that I realized that I had created something all on my own that was very successful just from pure vision, passion and resource fullness that was changing peoples lives every day. Women started to feel beautiful again. I created a movement around confidence, i showed my struggles i shared my journey as i went. It was never about the clothes guys. It was always about inspiring others to be their best self and to see that anything is possible. Even when you think the odds are against you. (I only have a high school diploma by the way.)

2 years into my business after starting to invest in myself, my business was ready to explode at the seams. I had to take a step back and think... was this really the industry i wanted to go all in on....Clothing? I realized that I had fallen in love more with the strategy and helping people grow their business' so that little Suzie could go to that summer camp if she wanted. So that mom could stay home with her kids and still have a successful business from home, so that family who's child has fallen ill at the Ronald Macdonald house who is about to loose their family business doesn't have to sacrifice their business when life happens.

So, in 2018 we  decided to go all in together. Ed sold his ad agency , I closed the boutique and here we are today. 

I often wonder if I had never taken that first step and invested in that first course, or mentor would I be where I am today? I don't doubt that I would not be here someday , but one thing I know for sure. Is that it would not have happened this fast!

Man, When I look back if someone had held my hand from the beginning to show me the way, it would have been so much easier. That was not the case for me, in fact that has not been the case for a lot of people, but let me tell you something . It can be the case for you now.,,

My point is this, with experience their is knowledge. With knowledge, there is power. You have a moral obligation to share that with the rest of the world . It is the first step to creating your very own LEGACY.

Did You Know?

We are alive during an amazing shift. We’ve had the agricultural age, then the industrial age and now we have completely evolved into the information age...

You’re probably wondering what that even means… So let me blow your mind real quick!

Did you know that every second $4,108.80 is spent on information products? That means that people are paying other people to learn from them at a rate of $355 million dollars a day!

But I’m not talking about college classes! In fact traditional education (college) as we know it, was designed for the industrial age and could be on its way to extinction… No joke.

I’m talking about the stay at home mom who is paying $47/month to be in an online community helping mothers keep energy in their relationships…

I’m talking about the young and upcoming authors paying for a $500 weekend zoom workshop to learn from the best authors in the world.

A photographer paying $997 to get 5 monthly training calls to learn the secrets to scaling their wedding business.

The world is changing! And people are paying for information at an incredible rate! And guess who the “new era” teachers are?


Because I know for a fact that you’re good at something, you’re passionate about something and that there are people out there who would pay to know what you know!

So with that being said… Let me ask you this one question so I can get to know you even more…

If you could get paid for a skill you have, something you’re good at, an expertise or even a hobby of yours, what would it be?

We all underestimate the value of what we have learned and I’d love for you to think about it and share.

I truly believe that you have the knowledge, expertise or a skill inside of you that the world needs! So if you were to unpackage that wisdom and get paid to share it, what would you choose?! I’m dying to know!

I’ve been asking everyone I come in contact with and the answers are amazing.

Hair extensions
Eliminating Stress
Spanish/English Interpretation
How To Gain More Confidence
Architectural Design
Helping Women With Endometriosis
Real Estate Wholesaling
Interior Design
Aeronautical Engineering
Fitness & Cooking Healthy Meals That Taste Good
Online Marketing
Fly Fishing
Life Coaching
Confidence For men
Moms Wanting To Get Back Into Shape After Kids
And soooo many other things

It's so amazing that people are paying to learn about all of these wildly different things, and there's thousands more...Literally the list doesn’t stop!


What is Building Your Legacy Worth To You?

At this point their are really two options. You can keep doing what you are doing and taking advice from people who have not walked the path you want to walk. Or you can jump in today, immerse your self into the program, have an instant army of like minded people chearing you on, literally within a few days or weeks you can have your entire knowledge business set up, and money in your bank account and start changing lives. Listen. This is not about maing millions of dollars over night. Most over night success are a decade in the making. This is about taking action. Stop buying every shiny course out there. This is all you need to get started today.

Let me ask you a hypothetical question. If you lost everything, your house, your business, your marriage, your friends and you had to start over today. All you had was the shirt on your back and the knowledge and experience inside of you....Do you think you would be able to teach someone something to save them from being in the same position you are in? 
Time is your biggest asett.

What is building your legacy worth to you? Take however more years to figure it out on your own, or get started today and start making money and impacting people with your product or services that they need.

Turn Decades Into a Day

I have started making it a habit to learn from those who have already succesfully done it, and to stop taking advice from people who have not...Because I know the secret to success is learning from those who have already walked or even cleared the path for you. The truth is, we al have the same 24hrs in a day. Why is it that some have more money and get to travel and enjoy life more than others? Its time guys. The top achievers and earners have learned to leverage their time. You Biggest assett. 
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